Inspirational Films Premiering In Miami At The John Paul II International Film Festival

After three successful years, The John Paul II International Film Festival, modeled after the artistic and humanitarian ideas of the late pope, returns to South Florida for a fourth edition of its 10-day festival this 3rd-12th 2014.
The John Paul II International Film Festival (JP2IFF) the first interfaith, international film festival of its kind! Created four years ago, the JP2IFF invites filmmakers and audiences alike to rediscover quality filmmaking and monumental performances that elevate society.

Aside from being an interfaith and international event, the festival sets itself apart by choosing a theme for every year, challenging filmmakers to submit works that illustrate that theme. This year, it’s all about Inspiration.
With a lineup that features stories from South Africa, Turkey, Spain, Canada and the U.S., among others, these films feature fictional and real-life characters who beat the odds. “We are all capable of greatness,” says Executive Director Laura Alvarado Brennan, “but sometimes, when obstacles arise, we are easily discouraged. This year's Official Selection will remind us how to get back up, fight for our destiny, and to acknowledge our worth.”
After reviewing each submission, the organizers and their panel selected 16 feature-length films and documentaries as well as 11 short films, all from abundantly talented filmmakers.
 “We are proud to bring these uniquely powerful films to South Florida. While we are showcasing many genres, all of these projects offer an opportunity to witness every-day-people do incredible things and challenge their fears. We've all been short on inspiration; think of this lineup as an ‘energy boost’ for the soul,” said Frank Brennan, the festival’s Director of Film Submissions & Technology.
Among their lineup, the festival will feature long-awaited films such as Greg Kinnear’s Heaven is for Real, the award-winning The Genius of Marian, Spain’s theatrical hit Un Dios Prohibido (A Forbidden God), and the much-talked about The Forgotten Kingdom, filmed on location in Lesotho, Africa.
The lineup includes the following feature-length films, listed in alphabetical order:

·       40                                                                  
·       The Drop Box
·       The Forgotten Kingdom
·       The Genius of Marian
·       Gimme Shelter
·       Heaven is for Real
·       In Her Footsteps
·       Leaving Limbo
·       Let There Be
·       Life Inside Out
·       Light from the Darkroom
·       Mom’s Night Out
·       The Savior
·       Trailblazers in Habits
·       Un Dios Prohibido (A Forbidden God)
Featured short films in the festival’s Short Film Category include:

·       Butterfly Dreams
·       Cardboard
·       Fight like a Lady
·       Force-Full Imagination
·       Limit Break
·       The Mary Contest
·       Moved by Love
·       Pedro Pan
·       Racing to 500
·       Tears of Inge
·       Water for Life
For tickets, schedule, and more information about the JP2IFF, visit or call 305.418.0939