How To Turn "No Moments" Into "Yes Moments"

Pop Of ColorHaving a "yes" approach to life starts with a high level of confidence. But, are women saying yes enough? For many, a seemingly self-imposed "no" barrier can be to blame for holding themselves back from new and exciting possibilities. This spring, Marshalls, one of the nation's leading off-price retailers, wanted to get to the bottom of this issue and asked 1,000 women if they had ever held themselves back due to a lack of confidence.

As it turns out, three out of four women (75%) have said no to an activity or opportunity due to lack of confidence. Marshalls enlisted the help of celebrity stylist Elizabeth Stewart and world renowned body language expert Dr. Lillian Glass to provide confidence boosting tips to help women say yes more often – in fashion, and in life. 
How To Turn "No Moments" Into "Yes Moments"
"I'm so thrilled to be partnered with Marshalls this season in their mission to help women look and feel more confident," said Stewart. "Saying yes starts with confidence, and the quality and designer fashions at Marshalls are a great way to enable women to accomplish that."  Other tips from Elizabeth include:
  • In my experience dressing some of Hollywood's leading ladies, I've learned that a great outfit that not only looks good, but makes you feel good, can give a client the boost she needs to walk the red carpet confidently. We don't all walk the red carpet, of course, but if your every day is your "runway," it's best to learn from yourself. Take the time to figure out what you look good in.  Is there a dress that makes you feel good the minute you put it on? A go-to color in your closet?  Make this your uniform! Don't be afraid to buy the same shapes and colors in variations. Marshalls is ideal for helping you build on these go-to pieces with designer fashion for so much less than department store prices.
  • A richly hued handbag with luxe accents elevates any outfit and telegraphs success to the world. The same rule applies to shoes. Buy shoes in black, nude, metallic - all of these work with a lot of different looks. Marshalls has quality designer shoes and accessories that will help you create a confidence-boosting look for less, so go ahead and shop for multiples!
  • And if you are not feeling confident (which we've all had those days)...put on a fierce front and own it anyway! The more you do this, and face challenges despite your fear, the more confident you will feel.
According to Dr. Lillian Glass, there are everyday habits women can focus on that will help them exude more confidence and change how they're perceived by family, friends and colleagues. "I'm proud to work with Marshalls to teach women simple ways to project a more self-assured persona to the world," said Dr. Glass. In addition, she recommends:
  • Choose clothing that turns YOU on - makes you smile and makes your heart beat a little faster. That little rush in adrenaline that makes you happy will reflect in your body language and voice.
  • Quality pieces fit better, and that affects your posture, which then affects the overall impression you make every day. More than half (58%) of the women agreed that the higher quality clothing they wore, the more confident they felt. Quality designer pieces from Marshalls can help you look and feel confident by providing the great fit you need, at an amazing price that you'll love even more.
  • ALWAYS wear a smile. A pleasant expression makes your clothes look even more beautiful on you.
"It's become clear that women of all ages are holding themselves back from new and exciting life possibilities by lacking the confidence to say yes," said Gina Bollus, Marshalls company spokesperson. "Marshalls wants to help enable women to be more confident. Understanding that fashion plays a key role in this, we want to be her ally by providing quality, designer pieces at a price she'll love that will help her look and feel her best for any occasion in life."