Danish Designers Come Up with a Unique Storage Device


Pluk - In action!

No matter what the size of your home or apartment, storage space is usually an issue. It seems like you never have enough space.
Almost by accident, two Danish design artisans, Kaare Frandsen and Nicolas Aagaard, have come up with a solution. It's called Pluk and this new storage device is basically two circular 8-inch rings weaved together with elastic string.
Frandsen and Aagaard originally developed Pluk to be an attractive fruit basket with a unique design. When they realized it could be used to hold a host of other items and be highly useful as a storage device, Frandsen and Aagaard decided to market the product. They developed new designs with other materials and expanded the range of colors.
Pluk can hold almost anything and the pliable, sailboat-strength elastic strings make it easy to place items in and out of the device. It is designed to hang from the ceiling but can also be used on a table.
"First we made a metal version but some people thought it was too expensive and they wanted more colors to choose from," explains Frandsen, a cabinet-maker who is currently a student at The Danish School of Design. "We decided to make two new versions, wood and plastic, in addition to the original metal version."
Pluk - The hanging fruit basketAvailable in black and white, the metal Pluk, is thin and powder-coated for durability. The plastic version, available in seven different colors, is designed so that it can be taken apart easily.
Needing about $6,600 to finance the materials, equipment and marketing for full production, Frandsen and Aagaard launched a Kickstarter campaign that has been wildly successful. They've raised more than $5,000 so far but are still looking for additional funding.
Those interested in supporting this project with donations can visit the Kickstarter site at The site includes dozens of product photos and a demonstration video.
Depending on their donation level, backers can receive plastic, metal and wood versions of Pluk.
"Pluk is a versatile storage device and can be used for almost any purpose, in any room of the house," says Aagaard. "We're looking forward to being able to offer this product on a large scale. But we need some help."
For further information, visit the Kickstarter site at