Dont Let Incontinence Get In Your Way Of Fitness: Just Go Girl

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Recently I attended an event that aimed to address a common fitness issue among women...that no one really talks about: Incontinence.

Few Americans realize just how many women—more than 25 million—are affected by athletic incontinence (leakage during exercise and other physical activities).  Urinary incontinence, a topic once reserved for older sedentary women, has been put in a new light with recent media attention on women such as Miranda Oldroyd and Heather Welsh, star CrossFit competitors who both experienced athletic leaks during CrossFit competitions in 2013.

More young women, like Oldroyd and Welsh, are saying on camera that they leak during their workouts and that, in fact, athletic leakage is a corollary of their workout intensity. According to a study conducted by the National Center for Biotechnology Information, 87 percent of female athletes ages 15 to 39 experience some degree of urinary incontinence.

As an alternative to costly and risky surgery—which is not guaranteed to eliminate the problem and can result in catastrophic complications—the JustGo Pad™ is guaranteed to provide coverage against the most embarrassing of leaks. Created for athletic women of all ages, this pad is designed to be inconspicuous, comfortable and absorbent.

The launch of JustGoGirl comes just in time for women to keep their New Year’s resolutions to stay fit. Whether women have just purchased their first gym membership, are getting back into the swing of an exercise routine or are already dedicated fitness gurus, they no longer have to worry about athletic leaks during their workouts.
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“I have five children, including twins, and knew that if I engaged in high-impact activities, I would leak,” said Brooke Solis, founder and CEO of JustGoGirl. “When I used traditional incontinence pads to get through a hard workout, I was self-conscious about the giant bulge that I was sure was visible in the back of my tight-fitting workout pants. I wanted to create a pad that is durable, discreet and comfortable enough to use every day.”
V04Working closely with an engineer, Solis created a revolutionary design specifically for athletic leakage. The JustGo Pad’s patent-pending technology can absorb up to 140 mL of fluid (just over half a cup) and is only 1.5 cm thick. Its unique teardrop shape makes the pad invisible under the tightest of athletic apparel while providing the coverage needed for leaks.
The JustGo Pad is available at The pads can be purchased in packs of 10 ($8) or as a membership at the following levels:
  • Committed: 10 pads, $8 per month; for women who work out two to three times per week
  • Dedicated: 20 pads, $14 per month; for women who work out five times each week
  • Obsessed: 30 pads, $18 per month; for women who work out every day
V03“We want women to be able to take back their workouts with confidence,” said Solis. “I’m starting a conversation and creating a community where women can find a solution to this problem and get inspired to take on new fitness challenges together. Let’s go.”

The JustGo Pad™, with its revolutionary teardrop design (patent pending), is available on Amazon and