Post-it Notes Get A Makeover From Fashion Expert and Stylist Brad Goreski @mrbradgoreski

Post-it_Super_Sticky_Notes_-_BangkokThe iconic Post-it Note takes on a refreshed, global flare in the new Colors of the World collection by Post-it Brand from 3M, embracing the unique vibe of four premier destinations. The collection’s worldly style and colors capture the essence of top regions around the globe, including Bangkok, Mykonos, New York City and Rio de Janeiro. With this launch, internationally recognized stylist Brad Goreski celebrates the latest trends in color, all inspired by these exotic locales.

“Trends in fashion, design and pop culture are taking on more global influence, and of course, one thing that’s always in style is color,” said Brad Goreski, Post-it Brand Color Ambassador. “I am consistently inspired whenever I travel, and I love seeing how the Post-it Brand Colors of the World collection brings the hues from four very chic destinations to life, offering a color scheme inspired by the energy of these places.”

Modern, adventurous, authentic and expressive, the Post-it Brand Colors of the World collection embodies the quintessential spirit of four exciting regions with a vibrant display of colors that mirrors the style and culture of the locations they are inspired by. The array of colors is as diverse as each of the four destinations, ranging from eye-catching bright hues to carefree contemporary shades.

Post-it_Super_Sticky_Notes_-_MykonosThe new Post-it Brand Colors of the World collection palettes include:

  • Bangkok – The streets of Bangkok are alive with enchantment, featuring a diversity of flavors, influences, sights and sounds that blend together for a unique fusion. The city’s deep-rooted traditions paired with the sense of discovery and new adventure it offers on every corner informed the playful, upbeat hues of the Bangkok color products. The exotic flair of these shades invites exploration and makes a bold statement.
  • Mykonos – A glamorous island destination full of authentic charm and splendor, Mykonos is where the ancient and the modern intersect on the shores of the Aegean Sea. The region is well known for the iconic shades of blue and white that dot its vistas, which inspired the Mykonos Color Collection. The cool, crisp and effortless hues feel stylish yet tranquil, bringing a welcome calm.
  • New York City – The “city that never sleeps” is a universal capital of opportunity, excitement and experimentation that makes its mark on everyone who visits. Known for being a melting pot with influences spanning from around the globe, New York City has its own distinct spirit that is palpable. The New York City Color Collection features contemporary hues ranging from grays and blues reflective of the city’s endless steel, stone, gridiron and skyscrapers to the glowing yellow hue that lights up the world-famous skyline each night.
  • Rio de Janeiro – Known as the “Marvelous City,” Rio de Janeiro is set against an exhilarating mix of mountains, beaches, rainforests and deep blue sea, making it one of the most colorful cities in the world with a rhythm all its own. Expressive, attention-grabbing colors make up the Rio de Janeiro color palette representing this city that is at once bustling yet laid back. These bold and bright tropical shades are sure to turn heads.

Post-it_Super_Sticky_Notes_-_Rio_de_Janeiro“For over three decades, the Post-it Brand has been offering new ways to bring color into people’s lives, from important everyday tasks like communication and organization, to the colorful and innovative products that help trigger creativity and inspire big ideas,” said Jeff Hillins, global business director for Post-it Brand. “The Post-it Brand Colors of the World collection was designed with the idea that color can transport you to new places and spark new ideas, while offering you even more ways to express your personality and style.”

Enter the Post-it Come Alive with Color Sweepstakes at now through March 15 for a chance to win a trip for two to New York City, where the culture and colors of all the Post-it Note Color regions will come together for a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Post-it_Super_Sticky_Notes_-_NYCThe Post-it Brand Come Alive with Color campaign helps benefit Publicolor, a non-profit organization dedicated to countering the low high school graduation rate in New York City by engaging high-risk students in their education through a continuum of design-based programs and academic support that teaches students to think critically about their future and prepare for collage and career.

The Post-it Brand Colors of the World collection is available in a variety of sizes, all featuring Post-it Super Sticky Notes, and priced from $5.99. Visit to explore all of the Post-it Note Color Cities, browse through the colorful sights that inspired the palettes and learn more about the products available in the collection. Post-it Brand Colors of the World products are available at office superstores and mass merchandise retailers nationwide.