Gorgeous Glowing Skin in Minutes!

This week Polina Roytman of Fashion Beauty & Fun is the guest post with the most!  Learn more about her & favorite skincare tips below.

Fashion Beauty & Fun Our-Story-Photo (4)When we lived in Russia my mother, Yelizaveta, often designed a lot of her clothes and had them custom-made. Looking through her sketch books and sneaking into her bathroom to rummage through her makeup drawer when I was four years old is one of my most precious and vivid memories, and was my first step into the world of Fashion and Beauty. Yelizaveta has always been my favorite name. When I decided to create a blog about fashion, beauty, and things that I find fun, interesting and inspiring, naming it Yelizaveta seemed like the perfect fit. And yes, I still rummage through her makeup drawer and raid her closet every chance I get!

Fun Fact:
Yelizaveta is the Russian version of Elizabeth. I added the hyphen for easier pronunciation. Some of the words used in Urban Dictionary’s definition of Yelizaveta: ‘beautiful, amazing, kind, smart, funny, talented, one of a kind’… How appropriate!

I have always been interested in skin care that you can create out of the items in your kitchen. For me, the more organic and natural the route the better. Egg whites are one of my most favorite, quickest, cheapest, and easiest tricks for getting glowing skin while reducing pores and fine lines. Egg whites are high in vitamin A and collagen, which are key for skin elasticity. When I first tried to use egg whites I didn't see what the big deal was and didn't notice any difference in my skin, and while the mask was on I didn't feel any tightening as I read would happen. After further research I noticed that using organic egg whites makes a huge difference. With some experimenting I noticed that just buying organic and cage free egg whites in a carton works wonderfully and is a lot quicker and less messy. My two favorite brands for this that I found to be most effective are the Organic Valley Organic Egg Whites and AbbotsFord Farms Cage Free 100% Liquid Egg Whites. Some other brand of egg whites I've tried don't tend to kick in as quickly if at all.

Egg Whites

I typically apply a thin layer of the egg whites in the morning about once a week. Be sure to keep the egg whites away from the delicate skin around the eyes. Keep it on for about 5-7 minutes and then wash off with your regular morning face wash routine. When you apply the egg whites you will feel your skin tighten very quickly. I don't recommend keeping the mask on longer than 7 minutes as that will end up pulling your skin too much and could also be too drying. Your skin will become so smooth while the mask is on that you'll be tempted to keep it on longer, if not forever ;), but trust me the 5-7 minutes is all you'll need.

A quick bonus: You can crush some cucumber and mix it in with the egg whites for extra collagen. Just a small amount will do, about 3 or 4 slices, so it won't turn too watery. Cucumbers are also great for soothing irritated and sensitive skin.

That's all there is to it! Easy breezy.

What are some of your favorite natural skin care routines?