Fight Off Winter Chill With @TheBodyShopUSA

I remember my first Body Butter experience. I went into The Body Shop on the way home from school and walked around looking at Bath Beads (remember those?) Then I saw something that looked like a new product it was Mango! “Mango?! I don’t want to smell like Mango,” I protested to my friends. That was until I opened the tested and scooped out a little of that Mango Body Butter. Woah, so thick and rich…I went home and begged my parents for enough money to buy this creamy mango goodness.  

Body Shop Body Butter

That was a long time ago! The Body Shop introduced the world to its iconic Body Butter in 1992, starting with the first flavor, Mango, and in doing so, it transformed body moisturizer forever! Today, The Body Shop offers over 20 varieties of Body Butter in fruity, nutty and floral scents. Offering up to 24 hours of skin hydration, these skin-soothing butters are full of unique and ethically sourced ingredients, scents and textures to suit all preferences.

NEW to the Body Butter line is The Body Shop’s super delicious, rich and creamy, Special-Edition Blueberry Body Butter and Blueberry bath and body range that will help you look and feel beautifully uplifted inside and out.

Body Shop BlueberryJam-packed with nutrients, each Special Edition Blueberry Body Butter contains oil from 500 blueberries! Blueberry Seed Oil is rich in Vitamin E and essential fatty acids for long-lasting moisture and skin-nourishment with a more uplifting fragrance than ever before!  With the re-introduction of our loved, Special-Edition Blueberry collection, we’ve created even more head-to-toe pampering for you, alla Body Lotion, Lip Butter, an amazing Jam Scrub and a fun Blueberry Sponge!  Savor it while you can—it’s only available for a limited time!

The Body Shop Body Butters are available for $20.00 each at The Body Shop stores nationwide and online at