Ricky’s Hosts The ‘Ru-Veal’ Party of “Rupaul’s Drag Race” Themed Window Displays

_MG_0024Logo TV partners with 14 Ricky’s NYC stores to create customized window displays “Ru-veiling” an individual contestant in each window from the new cast of the upcoming season of “RuPaul’s Drag Race” premiering February 2014.  The creative includes a life-sized standee of the featured queen in an environment inspired by the key art from this season. 

_MG_0021New York City’s latest and greatest drag hopefuls including BIANCA DEL RIO, MILK and VIVACIOUS of the upcoming sixth season of LOGO TV’s hit series “RuPaul’s Drag Race.”  Additional past queens in attendance will include PANDORA BOXX (Season 2, Miss Congeniality,) BEBE ZAHARA BENET (Season 1,) VENUS D’LITE (Season 3) and JIGGLY CALIENTE (Season 4.)  Music will be provided by MIMI IMFURST (All Stars.)

These New York Queens are not in the running for Miss Congeniality (though Sandra Bullock would be a fun guest judge…seriously, who wouldn’t be a fun guest judge?!)

DSC_0849At the event we  met some of the season six NYC-based contestants (Bianca Del Rio, Vivacious and Milk). We also got a look at the new color and fragrance products from Mother Ru!

ICYDK RuPaul is partnering with Colorevolution on the line, a beauty collection that includes a fine-fragrance and ultra-rich pigment cosmetic line exclusively available in Ricky’s stores.

DSC_0850And Ricky’s makeup specialists perform drag queen inspired marvelous mini makeovers to guests.Ricky’s Hosts The ‘Ru-Veal’ Party of “Rupaul’s Drag Race” Party

A Throwback: MIMI IMFURST (from All Stars) was in Dj mode & serving up hits!

My BFF Thomas posed for a quick pic with some of the queens of the night!



Broadway seamstress and “Queen of Mean” Bianca Del Rio will tell it like it is, and read a bitch down! A self-professed insult comic, Bianca’s razor sharp wit will sting her fellow competitors… because it usually comes from a very truthful place.

MILK Ricky’s Hosts The ‘Ru-Veal’ Party of “Rupaul’s Drag Race”MILK

Who wants Milk? With her jaw-dropping avant-garde gender-f*** club kid looks, very soon all of America will be falling in love with this dairy queen. A giant glamazon who towers over the rest of the queens, Milk’s determination to stay true to her campy persona will either win the judges over… or cost her the crown.

VIVACIOUS Ricky’s Hosts The ‘Ru-Veal’ Party of “Rupaul’s Drag Race” Themed Window DisplaysVIVACIOUS

One of the original 90s New York City club kids, this Jamaican queen considers her drag to be “living art.” Well known in the New York City straight club scene, she considers herself an “ambassador of drag,” and won’t be shy about educating the fishy young things in the competition about the history of their craft.


Meeting a few of these contestants has got us even more excited for the drama in store…

So get ready, hunty, because it's nearing your favorite time of year... when 'Drag Race' premieres this FebRUary. For more on the show & Queens visit: RuPaul's Drag Race Season 6