New York Get’s A New Taxi You’ll Love: The @Nissan NV200 #HailYes

LeAura NISSAN Taxi

I was invited to Chelsea Piers for a Ride & Drive event with Nissan. This was a little different from ride & drive events I’ve been on. I checked out the new ride, got to drive and also ride along to Times Square with a veteran NYC cabbie!

So technically, I drove a cab…but I cant say I’m a real ‘Taxi Driver.’

nissan in times square

It was the official launch of the all-new Nissan NV200 Taxi which aims to redefine metro cab service and features content specifically designed to meet the needs of New Yorkers.


No air fresheners, extra mobile phone batteries or yoga moves needed!

That’s right, New York's iconic yellow cab is getting a decidedly futuristic update.

The spacious, state-of-the-art Nissan NV200 will begin ferrying 600,000 passengers daily around the city that never sleeps. With a low-annoyance horn, opening side windows, and sliding doors with a retractable side step for easy entry, it’s set to change not only the face of the taxi, but of the Big Apple itself.

NV200™ Taxi Interior Details passenger

Fare Payment Made Easy
A handy backseat cash port lets you swipe your credit card, or use the wireless RFID reader (Radio-frequency identification)—along with systems like Google Wallet—to pay for your ride.
Passengers also get their own climate control, and the added convenience of standard USB ports and a 12-volt charging plug. Yes, so charge your phone and devices as you ride!

NV200™ Taxi Interior Details legroom

2nd-row Three Passenger Bench Seat
The back seat is wide, and there's plenty of leg room and head room for a comfortable ride around NYC.

There’s also overhead reading lights, and floor lighting to help passengers locate their belongings.

The ride is smooth especially in the anti-fatigue seats. At 6’0 in flats, legroom is very important!

NV200™ Taxi Interior Details Times Square view

Panoramic Glass Roof Panel
Once inside, passengers will ride higher and enjoy one of the most innovative features—a transparent roof that provides unique views of NYC’s world famous sights and skyscrapers.

With the panoramic roof providing sky-views of the city, you’ll feel like a tourist (endlessly looking up at the views).  For more specs: Visit


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