Escape To Jamaica – Exploring Ocho Rios

DSC_0338This time of year it's just so nice to get away (especially for those of us in colder weather climates). I recently visited Jamaica and wanted to share my island adventure. So if escaping to a tropic island sounds perfect right about now check out my series on Jamaica for your best bets on where to stay and play on this beautiful island. Think white sandy beaches, great music, exotic food, unique history and an endless multitude of activities to keep you entertained. 

Scuba diving and snorkeling are amongst the most popular activities on the island. Visitors are also given the opportunity to absorb in the rich history of Jamaica, dating back to the days of plantations and slavery, on various cultural tours and guides.

The main cities of interest on the island include: Kingston, Ocho Rios, Negril and Montego Bay. Ocho Rios is also located on the northern side of the island and is the second major tourist town. Attracting more than 700,000 tourists each year Ocho Rios offers excellent accommodation, beaches and lush vegetation. Described as the garden center of Jamaica, in particular the area of the Dunn’s River Falls is a sight to behold. A series of waterfalls cascade from the mountains towards the sea and can be experienced first hand as Jamaican guides navigate groups to climb their way up the falls. 007 fans can delight in visiting the James Bond Beach in town of Oracabessa, just West of Ocho Rios and take a helicopter tour or go horseback riding along the beach.

Another activity not to be missed is swimming with the dolphins. In recent years, Half Moon Cove became home to a number of trained dolphins. I went to Dolphin Cove Jamaica to try it for myself. This magnificent property has a natural cove which is surrounded by 5 acres of lush tropical rain forest. Visitors have the opportunity to interact and "Swim With" dolphins, enjoying the thrill and love of these amazing lovable animals.

Dolphin Cove JamaicaBut don’t be fooled by the name, Dolphin Cove is a great place to spend the day enjoying lots of fun activities. Including:

  • Mini-boats and explore the coast
  • Interact and snorkel with stingrays
  • Take a glass-bottom kayak ride to explore the fascinating underwater world
  • The Shark Show
  • Interact with exotic birds, snakes and iguanas on the Jungle Trail walk
  • Relax on glistening white sandy beaches


Did you know that swimming with the dolphins is considered one of the top ten bucket list items? 

What I liked most about the Dolphin Cove expereince was the inclusiveness of the offerings. Swimmers of all levels (Including non-swimmers and little ones) could participate in a dolphin experience.

With 3 thrilling Dolphin Programs:

Ultimate Swim

Guests are allowed to enjoy various activities including dolphin kiss, foot push / dorsal push and play time. (2 dolphins) 


Guests swim with one Dolphin, they can dance, play, be kissed and caressed by a dolphin while swimming in deep water (1 dolphin).


Guest can make friends, “Touch” and have an up close experience with the dolphins on the shallow water platform (knee deep). 


I opted for the ‘Swim’ experience and was lucky enough to spend some time with 2 different dolphins. Both Latinas, names Rose and Sky, from Mexico and Cuba respectively.  I enjoyed getting a closer look at the beautiful mammals and also the fact that the entire experience is filmed and photographed so you can really stay in the moment.

The Dolphin Cove swim experience is truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

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