Beat the Winter Blues with These Fun Makeup Ideas

This winter don’t get boggled down about the sloshy weather, gray skies, and below freezing temperatures. The best way to beat the winter blues is to throw yourself into the winter season. There’s simple ways to do this, whether warming up with a hot cup of cocoa, finally getting around to buying your Christmas tree, or presents on that note, but for the sake of this platform there are a lot of beauty related things you can do to that will get you out of the winter blues and into the winter hues!

tow120913com-dior-winterlook-2013-golden-winter-Try some at home beauty remedies. It’s no surprise that during the winter months our skin becomes its driest. Just indulging in some at home skin care will make you feel better about the winter season and ready to face it head on. Mix mayonnaise and olive oil for a hair mask. Leave it on for 15 minutes, rinse out and voila super hydrated locks! Use honey and sugar mixed together as a body scrub in the shower. Scrub away dead skin cells, and make sure to lather your favorite body lotion right after to seal in moisture.

Why not dive head first into the biggest winter beauty trend? This year it’s metallic shadows and liners. Take out your silver eyeliner, or blue shadow and smear it on your eyes in the way you feel most comfortable. Dab some pink blush to your cheekbones, apply a sparkly baby pink lip gloss to your lips and all your missing is your fuzzy hat to complete the snow bunny beauty look.

In the cold, frigid temperatures there’s nothing that looks so beautiful in the midst of snow flurries than a blowout. Go to your favorite hair salon and get a super sleek blowout. This will get your mind of the cold season and into how good you look!

When all else fails, sport a red lip. The bold redness of your lips will make you think cranberries, Santa’s suit, your red holiday party dress, and all things winter!

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