Turn Your Holiday Leftovers into DIY Beauty Treatments

t dayThe holidays are a time reminiscent of family, friends, and most importantly, food, resulting in leftovers galore! Instead of filling your fridge with unwanted holiday dishes, make better use of your leftovers –your waist will thank you!

I love fancy lotions and potions but I also love DIY beauty treatments. One of my favorites beautifiers is Pumpkin!

Why pumpkin? It contains Vitamin A, Vitamin C and Zinc to help reduce inflammation and redness.

You can either BUY or DIY check out the product and the recipe below

If even skin on your wish list you need the power of pumpkin! A deliciously spicy, skin purifying pumpkin enzyme facial can gently digest and exfoliate dead skin cells and impurities.

PUMPKINDIY: Mix leftover pumpkin (1 CUP) with milk (1 CUP) and honey(2 TBSP) for a nutritiously hydrating mask.

In need of exfoliation? Add a little brown sugar (2 TBSP) to the blend.

Leave your homemade mask on for 20 minutes for gorgeous, soothing skin.

Bonus: if you already have it as leftovers the cost is $0 for a pricey seasonal spa treatment!


jjpumpkinBUY: June Jacobs Perfect Pumpkin Peeling Enzyme Masque, $76.
The formula is gentle and leaves your skin feeling cleansed, detoxified and silky smooth.  The natural ingredients are fortified with age-fighting anti-oxidants and vitamin A to protect and silken the skin. dfl001.01com_pumpkin-pie-body-oil


Bonus BUY: Demeter Fragrance Library's Pumpkin Pie (prices from $6- $39.50) Why you want to smell like pumpkin! According to a study at the Monell Institute in Philadelphia, the smell of Pumpkin Pie increases the arousal level in men by 40%. Maybe our mothers and grandmothers intuitively knew this as truth; the Farm Journal's Complete Pie Cookbook, circa 1965, says it best: 'Men love Pie'. Score this sent from Demeter Fragrance Library's Pumpkin Pie available in Massage and Body Oil, Lotion, Cologne Spray and more…to cover all your bases!


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