The Hunger Games: Catching Fire Beauty Looks Created by @CoverGirl

I was lucky enough to be invited to s very special screening of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire. IDK about you but after the first installation I’ve been obsessed (Katniss Everdeen braid (with mixed success) for weeks.


So when CoverGirl launched beauty looks inspired by the film (hitting theaters today) it
was like they read our minds. CoverGirl launched perfect looks inspired by Panem’s District beauties (yes, Katniss Everdeen too).

Inspired by each region’s strength — Luxury, Masonry, Technology, Fishing, Power, Transportation, Lumber, Textile, Grain, Livestock, Agriculture and Mining — the bright and gilded palettes may not be the best camouflage in the forest but they’ll certainly make an impression on the Gamemakers in the big arena.


Check out a how to video:

Which look are you most likely to rock?