Social Media Professional Tips: 30 Ways To Promote Your Blog Post

I’m social I can’t help it! I love to share! The only thing I ever got in trouble for when I was in school was talking too much…sometimes I cant help myself. I’ve also been engaged with tech (I don’t like the geek label that much) from a very early age. It makes sense why I love providing social media consulting services and sharing tips, insider info and secrets to help people grow their brands and drive traffic to their sites and business. With that I’d like to introduce a new feature on EverSoPopular: Social Media Professional Tips. This first installment was inspired by Andreea Ayers. Check out the tips after the jump.

Andreea Ayers shares 30 tips in one hand (highly pinnable) infographic.



Much like myself, Andreea loves to help other entrepreneurs succeed. As the founder of and, most recently, Soaps to Live By, Andreea Ayers is a successful entrepreneur with a proven track record!