Kim Kardashian’s Bikini Body Secrets Revealed

Whether it’s in body skimming dresses or skimpy bikinis, Kim Kardashian has never been shy about baring her physique. Case in point: her recent post-baby swimsuit selfie . Like her or hate her, you’ve got to admire her confidence. So how can we snare some of that celebrity style self-esteem?
Take a tip from Kim and turn to VelaShape to be cellulite free in your own selfie (and your swimsuit). A big fan of the non-invasive body contouring system, Kim uses VelaShape to slim and smooth her famous derriere and thighs.
VelaShape is a clinically proven, FDA-approved non-surgical solution that uses a combination of light and bi-polar radio frequency energies to heat to reduce fat deposits and rid skin of ripples.

Four to six treatments generally deliver optimal results, making fall the perfect season to start a slim-down regimen. If it’s flatter abs, firmer arms and disappearing love handles you’re after, VelaShape can be used to treat those problem areas, too. There’s no downtime and the treatment feels like a relaxing, deep tissue massage.
Treatment costs run about $250 to $400 or $1,500 for a package.

Inspired by Kim? Steal her Style: