The Ultimate Massage for Athletes: Paul Labrecque’s Restorative Mineral Massage

Paul Labrecque’s Restorative Mineral Massage

Whether you’re training for the NYC Marathon or taking regular classes with Layla Luciano at Barry’s Boot Camp chances are you need a proper sports massage. Enter Paul Labrecque’s  Restorative Mineral Massage. The therapeutic, full-body massage features Magsoothium, a magnesium sulfate product frequently used by professional athletes that has incredible benefits for everyone.

I had the pleasure of visiting Paul’s new salon inside the Sports Center at Chelsea Piers for a little body work.

Paul Labrecque Chelsea PiersHere are the details on the Restorative Mineral Massage featuring Magsoothium: Magnesium Sulfate Therapeutic Recovery Products.

Magnesium is recognized as one of the most important minerals the body needs to combat inflammation and soreness. Using all natural magnesium formulated massage gel cream and spray, Karen and the other therapists at Paul Labrecque Salon & Spa will target specific muscle tensions and problem areas that cause pain and inhibit training at all levels. Unlike many over the counter products and prescription anti-inflammatory drugs, this all natural formula cream has been formulated to absorb through the skin into the blood stream, seek out inflammation and tackle the source of the problem to naturally heal your body.

For an at-home version, Magsoothium is available in a 4oz spray or cream and a 32oz crystal bath soak.

Paul Labrecque Spa

This therapeutic, full-body massage is designed for pro athletes and weekend warriors alike, looking to improve performance and recovery.  I fall somewhere in that category, I have a knee issue that flairs up and interrupts my training.

The massage will focus on your problem body areas that have been overused and stressed from all kinds of athletic activity; from weightlifting to swimming, biking and yoga.

For my massage I worked with Karen Garzon, a sports massage therapist, who has worked with many pro athletes and extensively with FIFA. I knew I was in good hands. Karen suggested that I may want to steam and shower before the massage. I highly advise the steam (I did it for about 10 mintues), then shower. The nature of the massage lends itself nicely to a post workout session. Also the Magsoothium product used during the treatment is something you really want to let sink in your skin (its also fairly light and doesn’t leave an oily or sticky residue). 

Paul Labrecque’s professionally trained therapists will identify the exact location and intensity of your discomfort to release constricted areas and alleviate pain. My conversation with Karen was about my knee but I told her I was sure she find some knots and other spots to be worked on. She worked on my quietly, until I started chatting her up and asking her about the importance of sports massage. I really enjoyed my massage which culminated in exclamations of delight about the release of tension in my shoulders and neck…Actually

I shouldn’t have to list why you need a massage but in just in case, here are the highlights: 

  • Reduce inflammation and soreness for enhanced performance
  • Relax joints and muscles to increase flexibility and range of motion
  • Enhance pre-event preparation and reduce overall recovery time
  • Help prevent injury and improve endurance for optimal performance
  • Promote overall well-being and relieve stress

To book a Restorative Mineral Massage (60 minute/$145 or 90 minute/$175) visit:

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