Ready, Set, Cook with Haylie Duff!

Ready, set- cook! Haylie Duff heated things up on QVC’s “In the Kitchen with David” as she showcased her new cookbook.

David Venable and Haylie Duff cooking during QVC's In The Kitchen with DavidDuff joined QVC’s Resident Foodie, David Venable, on his weekly show to talk food, cooking, and eating! Duff and Venable shared laughs and recipes as they tasted each other’s concoctions and created delish treats in the QVC kitchen. The two created an amazing camaraderie before digging in to the real challenge of the evening, judging two, non-culinary QVC stars in “David’s Food Court”.

David’s Food Court challenge was a cook-off between two QVC family members: Jill Martin and Star Jones. David Venable and Haylie Duff play during QVC's In The Kitchen with David

Top Chef alum, Sunny Anderson, David Venable and “Real Girl’s Kitchen” author, Haylie Duff were on hand to judge the dishes and donned Martin the evening’s victor!

Haylie Duff and David Venable eating during _In The Kitchen with David_ on QVC “In the Kitchen with David” airs every Wednesday at 8 PM (ET) and Sunday at noon (ET) on QVC.  Haylie’s new book, “Real Girl’s Kitchen” is also available for purchase at