No Costume? Don’t Freak Here Are 3 Halloween Hacks!

Whether you have already celebrated 5 times this year already or are just over it here are 4 ways to make it through the spooky times!


Halloween nails can be cute or spooky! Here are 2 ways to rock your nails as a costume or just to be festive!

Get into the Halloween spirit with lacquer and makeup from butter LONDON.

Celebrate the season’s hottest hues and most popular candy with Candy Corn Nails! Use butter LONDON Nail Lacquers in Silly Billy, Cotton Buds and Pimms ($15 each) for the perfect Candy Corn bl

How to: Begin with a layer of butter LONDON Nail Foundation followed by two layers of Nail Lacquer in Silly Billy. Next, add a coat of Nail Lacquer in Pimms to the tip of the nail and use a striping tool to add the white accent line. Finish the look with P.D. Quick Top Coat.


Go Disney and give your fingertips the magic of Disney with the Kiss Pro Nail Art, $9.99Kiss Disney Evil Queen

Disney ManiDisney Villains Series! For October only, Kiss has released 4 NEW Limited Edition Disney Villains Nail Art Kits for the Villainous beauty in you. Simply pick your favorite villain’s nail art kit (Maleficient, Cruelle De Vil, Evil Queen, or Ursula) and let the magic begin! 

Nails, not quite THRILLING enough? So, you really need a costume? Last minute solutions after the jump…

Body Language Expert and author of Snap: Making the Most of First Impressions, Body Language, and Charisma, Patti Wood, gives us 5 last minute Halloween costume ideas.  Not only are they quick and easy costumes but you can create them from stuff you already have in the house.
miner's flashlight

Strap a flashlight of two into a belt and wrap tight with duct tape then put on a sheet with big eye holes. It gives a whole new meaning to ghost.

Bday CardsPut your phone headset on your head. (one of the ones that goes over your head with the mike in front. ) Put on oxford shirt and khakis and go around saying, "Please hold." And "how can I help you today?" To dress like tech support.

Go to the dollar store or grocery store and get tons of boxes of cracker jack. Hot glue them to a buttoned shirt, tell people you're the cracker jack surprise.

PinterestFind all the birthday cards around the house, hot glue them to an outfit, along with birthday candles, an paper table cloth and empty box of cake mix and say you're a birthday party.

Print out a ton of photos of all the things that interest you, your fav foods, places to travel, people, books and famous people, tape them on. Your PINTREST ( The website where you pin photos.)

Finally, FAKE IT!


Doesn’t Camilla Belle look like a fancy witch? Yeah, dig through your selfies or pix not yet upooaded and get virtually made over like a witch, vampire, or get a little sugar skull


The special themed photo editing features from make it easy to turn yourself into the ultimate Witch, Vampire, Zombie or Day of the Dead character- virtually.

I played with a photo of Camilla Belle! I think her hazely green eyes look great with her green skin! This was soooo easy. If you don’t know about PicMonkey, I encourage you to take a look at the site and play around with some of the effects-just upload a photo from anywhere and dive right in-no need to register or download any software. And once you’re done with your SCARY makeover you can share right from the site to your social networks.

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