Celebrate 100 Years of the Moving Assembly Line

henry-ford1From I Love Lucy to space shuttle manufacturing and everything in between, the moving assembly line is ingrained in business and pop culture. But it wasn’t always like that.

When Henry Ford first put his moving assembly line to the test in October 1913, it revolutionized the way automobiles — and pretty much everything else — were produced. It also set the stage for Lucy’s iconic struggles with chocolate-wrapping.

ford Assembly LineFrom chocolate bars to spacecraft bound for Mars, the moving assembly line has left its mark on pretty much every kind of product you can imagine.

Henry Ford invented this revolutionary way of building things in October 1913 — 100 years ago this month. Almost immediately, cars became cheaper and faster to produce, making them more accessible to the average American.

How much do you know about the moving assembly line? Take Ford’s quiz to find out.
It's more fun that you might think — there's even a connection to I Love Lucy: