What's Your Style Persona?

What does a color coded closet, a love of sparkle and a tendency to push fashion boundaries have in common? All are cues into what a woman’s wardrobe says about her, inside and outside the closet. T.J.Maxx has partnered with Clinical Psychologist and T.J.Maxx Closetologist, Dr. Jennifer Baumgartner to take a deeper look into these fashion behaviors, revealing six style personas – the Six Degrees of Self-Expression.

Six Degrees of Self-Expression

Her diagnosis?

Closet Chameleon: You can’t judge this book by its cover and definitely not by its fashion! She has the ability to transform herself depending on environment – accountant by day and rocker by night.

Devoted Dresser: She knows what works for her and works it. She’s focused and decisive inside and outside of her closet. She has her go-to pieces that she wears with confidence and organizes her closet and her shopping trips for efficiency.

Free-Styler: She goes with the flow in life and with her wardrobe. While she may be viewed by others as disorganized, it all makes sense in her mind and in the end she executes flawlessly with ease.

Show Stopper: She lights up the room with her wardrobe and personality. She gravitates towards bright colors, bold patterns and a lot of sparkle. If she can see it across the room, it makes its way in her cart.

Systematic Stylist: She is an organized woman in every aspect of her life, from her categorized closet and inspiration boards to her calculated shopping trips. She is at ease taking fashion risks but does her homework to achieve fashion perfection.

Trend Trailblazer: She is energized by novelty, always looking for ways to push her comfort boundaries and aims to create looks that no one else has seen before. She has a diverse wardrobe that is organized like a workspace to facilitate the creative process.

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