Topic Du Jour: Hairstyling Ideas & Tools

Pink HairTransitions of seasons inspire transitions of personal style. Approaching the colder months we always rearrange our wardrobes, putting away the ripped denim shorts and taking out our scarves and sweaters. Then, there are a lot of us who take it further and want to change our hair color or hairstyle for the change of season.

Most of us already start adapting our makeup products for a new season, but what is it about our hair that once we change it we feel like a brand new person?

Many of us fall into a hair rut where we find ourselves after years of the same hairstyle realizing we haven’t changed our hair in however long of a time!

Think about it- people see our hair every day it’s like our face we can’t hide it. If you’re feeling like you need a change try doing something different with your hair whether it be cutting it into a different style, or using a completely different product to help style hair. Or make it very easy and purchase a clip in colored hair extension- come on you know you’ve wanted to try out hot pink hair!

Some major hair trends we will see hit the streets this fall/winter is the wet-look hairstyle, low ponytails, full on texture, or super short pixie hair cuts. Ombre hair color lives on for this season, but you will see it soon dies out for Spring 2014. Texture is also another trend that is going to stick around well into the end of 2014. Bangs are also big for this fall/winter season. Here at we encourage you to switch up your hairstyle, check out some product recommendations below.