Get the Nail Look (Right off the Runway): The Ruffian Manicure

I shared just some of my Birchbox experience at Fashion Week in a previous post to give you an idea of all it had to offer. I wanted to share my Ruffian Manicure experience.
ICYDK Ruffian’s designers, Brian and Claude, have become known for their designs and amazing runway nails trends.
They kicked off the crescent craze when they sent their now highly recognizable mani down the runway back with their F/W 2010 collection.
ruffian nails
ruffian manicure secret revealed
Well now the Ruffian boys have just launched a nail polish collection (priced at $10 a bottle) of their own along with a stencil set ($6) to help nail art enthusiasts to create the crescent moon manicure at home.
More on how to get the look and my chat with the designers…
The nail for the Spring 2014 Ruffian Runway Show was created by Cheryl Natoli.
backstage ruffian 2014
From top to bottom its Ruffian shades in HedgeFund, Delirium, FoxHunt, with a Ruffian Nude base color.Backstage at RuffianAt the Birchbox lounge I had the pleasure of getting my mani done by Cheryl herself! (she had just done the nails for the Ruffian show earlier). She dished that this look was referred to as “extreme Ruffian,” a nude base juxaposed with bold colors like: Hedgefund, Fox Hunt and Delirium on the edges, extending that color all along the very edge of the nail.
While I got painted with an "Extreme Ruffian” I tried to take pics. 
2013-09-08 11.28.32So more on these special nail stickers. They are made with special glue so it won’t stick to your nails and semi-dry/dry nail polish.
2013-09-08 11.29.44
Then, paint the nail, let it dry and remove the sticker, and then paint the rest of the nail. You can get creative. As you decide your crescent moon shape it can be big or small.
2013-09-08 11.41.50
As Cheryl and I chatted designers, Brian and Claude, stopped by the lounge to check in (and get a mani). In the photo, the handsome Claude puts the “MAN” in manicure with an assist from Claire Beaudreault (who also worked on the Ruffian runway nails team).
Claude Ruffian ManicureClaude and I dried at about the same time so we posed for a Ruffian manicure shoot!
RuffianExtreme close up!!!
Ruffian Runway Manicure
(photos via Instagram and my Nikon DSLR)
To get the Ruffian polish head over to the Birchbox website.
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