Black Sail by Nautica Spring/Summer 2014 Collection

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This season I snuck into the boys club when I went backstage to check out the inspiration for Black Sail by Nautica. The label’s designer Chris Cox showed a wide range of summer outerwear pieces inclufing: hooded parkas, anoraks and utility jackets.

As for the grooming looks we asked the experts the top trends we can expect for guys in Spring 2014.

We asked Janessa Pare for Aveda about the look:
The look is about a guy who’s been on vacation, skin’s rough from the elements. We created depth by contouring more to the face. We used lip balm and simply brushed up brows.


What do you see as some Spring/Summer 2014 beauty trends?
For women: It’s a mix of 40’s and 60’s time era. There is the return of matte skin; skin is hydrated, but not shiny. Eyes are still smoky but less smoke so you can see more of the eye lid. Play up one or the other either eyes or lips.
For men: Men are getting better about proper shaving technique and using better lotions. Men are getting more conscious that they need to take better care of their skin. Hair is less tamed than usual.

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Aaron Grenia for Prive on about the look:
The look is about the modern waterman. Aguy that just got out of water and tousled his hair. He has shiny hair- not dry. We used fingers to run through hair to create softness.
What are some hair trends for men for Spring/Summer 2014:
Shaven sides are in trend now and will continue. Longer hair on top and letting the hair fall forward. Long hair is coming back, like rock and roll.

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