Backstage Beauty: Michael Kors Spring Summer 2014 Collection

This season’s Michael Kors show was everything you would expect from MK, but even more refined and daring all at the same time.

Michael Kors Spring Summer 2014 Collection b

Bold white pieces strutted down the runway mixed in texture from lace to knits, furs, and denim. With such lively pieces of clothing it’s no wonder the makeup was kept so simple.


The models faces were kept clean with foundation flushed with terracotta colored cheeks. Lips matched cheeks, it could have very well been the same product used on both places. Eyes were underplayed with skin tone colored eye shadow and light mascara. Strong, bold eye brows crowned the models faces.

Michael Kors Spring Summer 2014 CollectionThe hair stood out second to the clothes, female models wore loose messy knotted bun that was held by bobby pins.

Michael Kors Spring Summer 2014 Collection

Large chunks of hair were pulled out from the bun to give an even more undone, on the go kind of look to the hair.


Male models wore their hair with plenty of texture and swiftness to it.

Sharp Dressed Man Men's Michael Kors 2014

See the show here:

Here are some of my favorite pieces from the current collection:


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