Personal Style: Bicycle Chic

I've been an avid cyclist since I was 13. I still ride my first bike, the same women's Specialized bicycle I got in my teens. Yes, its a bit too small...but I love it. I'm used to how it handles potholes, hard breaking, and whatever else NYC streets have for me!
It's my favorite way to get around the city and sometimes the fastest.
I've beaten friends to locations who traveled via car, taxi or subway. I may work up a sweat, especially in the summer, but its really the glow of victory!

I prefer riding in wedges. I find pumps or heels just get gnawed up in the pedals.
Right now, I am obsessed with jumpsuits, since I am 6'0" tall its not always easy to find one that fits properly (but I've found some good options).
I also like to stay covered when I ride, I've gotten weird sunburns that are just not ok when my arms and shoulders are not covered.
A great backpack is key, I think baskets on bikes are cute but not for me.

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