I Tried It: Google Glass…A Love Story

GG 1Google Glass are most talked about glasses. Designed to revolutionize the way we use mobile technology.

The basics elements of the eyewear feature: a camera inside, phone conducting speakers by ears, an accelerometer, touch sensitive panel on the side for controlling certain functions and a microphone.

At first (prior to trying them out) my reaction was “Oh no, this is going to be such a distraction.”

Well, I’m always saying I will be one of those people you see on YouTube who walks into a fountain at a mall, or slips on a banana peel because I’m emailing or looking up some obscure fact about architecture or random trivia.  


It’s kind of everything we are already used to with current mobile technology, mainly highly portable smart phones.

The placement of the technology (in the eye area) is alarming for some. It may be less distracting than having a device in your hands an your head down all the time. There are many issues and controversies, as there always are with emerging technology. While I still think there is that big concern about distraction, we all have to learn how to manage technology, including how and when to use it. The short story is I tried it and fell in love.

Soon I will be speaking with Google Glass Explorer and have them share their experiences

Tell me! What are your burning Google Glass questions?

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