How To Extend the Life of a Spray Tan as featured in @ShopSmart Magazine

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As many of my dear friends know I am a strong proponent of ‘safe sun.’ I always remind people to use protection when out in the sun. The outdoors are a great place to spend time and vitamin d is important (I know Dr. Oz has said that). But no matter what Gwyneth Paltrow says about it, the sun can be a major player in causing damage to our skin. Knowing this, my summer time goal is to maintain the pale and not bake in the sun. However, this girl does like a little bronze and metallics are a huge trend this season. The compromise is a faux glow. I’ve been playing with at home and pro-grade products for sometime now. Personally, I’ve done things where a spray tan is pretty much required. Professionally, I’ve had to make celebs and models look like beach bunnies in the dead of winter. I can humbly say I’ve picked up a few tips and tricks along the way.

I was recently asked by ShopSmart Magazine to share some of my favorite tips and products that help extend the life of a spray tan.

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I love to start with a great pro-spray tan. Yes, that means being pretty naked in front of someone as they hose you down with a fine brown mist. But its always going to come out better when you have someone else apply, unless you are Stretch Armstrong.

Now on to rules of post-application engagement. Right after a spray tan is not the time to go to the gym, swim, shower or try on white clothes. You have to wait for the ‘tan’ to set. The product needs time to develop (science) and you should get it wet and disturb the science that is happening.

How you keep ‘tan’ is tricky but mostly you want to focus on moisturizing. Some of my favorites include: Jergens and Model Co. products they contain DHA (which is the main ingredient in tanning solutions and products, but they also have great moisturizers. For more pick up the issue  of ShopSmart Magazine on stands now!

Check out the sporty and share your favorite SPF and tanning products!