Color Shy? Try Some Style Math

lllBold color makes a statement, BOLDLY! This edition of color style was inspired by a friend, Alison, who’s got a great internship at a gallery in Chelsea. For young women it can be a difficult to look professional and style appropriate at the same time.
There are two ends of the spectrum that I’ve seen IRL. The first, is when the clothes you’re wearing don’t look like your own. I’ve done this! When I was in high school on the debate team, we would have to wear professional looking attire (no jeans, sneakers, etc). Before a debate competition I headed straight for my mothers closet and some things worked but some things that looked beautiful on my mother and were great pieces, just looked downright dowdy on me.
The other is when I volunteer at Queens Supreme Court I see young female law students wearing clothes that wouldn’t be the best for actual law practice. Don’t get me wrong I love Express and Bebe, but usually those cute suits they carry are often paired with a skirt that is super short or a dramatic slit that dangerously close to sharing too much.
Back to color. I love color but as a New Yorker, my closet is dominated by black pants, shirts, blazers, dresses…I have one of everything in black. When I am shopping if I pick up a piece in black I ask myself if I already have it or really need it?
Oh wait maybe I need a black leather peplum top…
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I’ve heard many reasons why people prefer to wear black:
1. Its slimming (can’t argue)
2. A model gf once told me garments in black can look more expensive because it always matches. (After learning about fashion production I know this is not true)
3. Its easy. (Yes and no. You have to accessories a bit so you don’t look funeral ready, that takes time)
4. Gets dirty less than other colors. (Not true. Ack deodorant stains can do you in).
And there are many more I’m sure. But why do you think theater stagehands wear all black while working? So they blend in and don’t stand out!
Back to my friend with the super awesome internship. Her goal is to look professional and feel like herself all while wearing color.
Since being a gallerista puts you in a creative space literally traditional suits can feel a little stiff.
The style math for a great work look for Alison is simple:
Shirt Dress (silk, button down, a-line, anything goes) in a bold color (I like Teal)
jimmy choo purse
+ Small Bright Bag (large clutch, medium cross-body) in a contrasting bright color (I like Pink)
prada bow
+ Nude Shoes (can be simple or ornate, a little texture or detail keeps them from feeling boring)
= Bold Style
Bonus Points: Add some fun accessories for a little more polish!
What do you think? Share your thoughts on this equation with me!