5 Reasons You Need To Shop H&M’s New Brooklyn Store This Weekend

2013-07-03 11.56.18

Just this week H&M opened a new location in Brooklyn at Fulton Street.
EverSoPopular got inside early to check out the layout and what’s cool about the new Brooklyn location!

On opening day the streets were lined up with people awaiting the store ribbon cutting and block party.

I spoke with Nicole Christie, H&M spokesperson gave us some insight as to why H&M is so excited about this store opening. The store has been a long time coming (they signed on to the location in 2008) “It’s going to bring people from all over the borough, says Christie.” The reason this store is a must visit is the mix of merchandise categories. “This location is approximately 29,000 square feet. The H&M at Fulton Street offers collections for ladies, men, young ladies and young men, with separate “store within store” sections for accessories, lingerie, sports apparel and kids, explains Christie.”

2013-07-03 11.51.451. Newness!

Idk about you but I love a new store. It’s probably the closest way to see retailer’s vision from a shoppers perspective. From a visual standpoint, the Brooklyn location is very H&M in aesthetics, white clean space. Its cool to note, this location has exclusive graphics and visuals that were designed just for the location. 

2013-07-03 11.45.592.  Shop for the whole family! 

This location also carries the Swedish retailer’s children’s collection, which features quality clothing for kids ages newborn to fourteen, as well as its plus-size line, H&M+ (that one was right up front, check out my video on Instagram)

2013-07-03 11.48.283. The dedicated ‘store within a store’ concept.

I am a little obsessed with the beauty items and accessories. For as long as I can remember I haven’t been able to leave an H&M with out a little necklace, ring, nail accessory or scarf…ever! It seems that these beauty and acessory sections have expanded in the past few years, There always seems to be more and more every time I shop.

2013-07-03 11.25.594. Remember the swim collection featuring Beyoncé?

Yeah it sold out in most stores in NYC, its only available in Brooklyn’s Fulton Street location. You might even hear “Run The World” playing as you shop.

2013-07-03 11.25.255. Opening Weekend there are special deals: T-shirts: $5, Men’s button down roll up sleeve shirts: $15, Backpacks: $14.99. I’m sure there's something on sale for you.

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