Why Apple Co-Founder, Steve Wozniak, was the First Celeb to Meet Kim & Kanye’s Newborn Baby North West

iwozIn preparing to report on Steve Wozniak, I read “iWoz,” his autobiography. SIDE NOTE: I really enjoyed the book and it spoke volumes of his character, by nature he is honest and loyal (possibly to a fault?) but he also enjoys comedy & playing pranks.

As all diligent reporters do, I like to look to social media channels of interview subjects to see what they are talking about.

First I wiki Woz, then I check twitter and just scroll, scroll, scroll… Woz’s foursquare account is likely linked to his twitter, so most of the tweets are check-in related. Well, that is until June 15th this seemingly random one (and the only one for months without a location tag) went out: “So happy for Kim and Kanye and true love.” –@SteveWoz 
Woz Tweet








My first thought, is Woz a KK & KW hater? Sarcasm is often difficult to communicate in 140 characters or less. So I thought that there has to be something more to it. Now of all the celeb meet ups this seems extra random. I asked a few sources about the connection between Kanye West, Kim Kardashian and Steve Wozniak.

Here’s the skinny: Kanye West is fascinated with art, fashion and technology so much that Kim had set up a meeting with Wozniak for Kanye as a birthday gift. But she went into labor and I guess they decided to just change the location of meeting because Woz was one of the very first celebs (likely-non Kardashian) to meet baby North West. As a romantic guy (read “iWoz”) he was probably taken with the happy couple and their newborn and tweeted a happy little tweet!wozniak west

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