The Principles of Punk


punk liz hurleyThe Costume Institute of New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art opened their Chaos to Couture exhibit, earlier in May – a look at and celebration of all things punk in the high fashion world. And we love it.

Why? Well, we believe every person creates their own style.

At times, it can be easy to see the fashion industry as a small, elect group of high fashion gods, secure in a looming ivory tower, handing down unbreakable decrees and reprimands like “SPARKLE SHALT NOT BE WORN BEFORE THE HOUR OF 5PM” or “THOU SHALT NOT MIX AND MATCH THY PRINTS” or “HOW DAREST THOU WEAR MORE THAN ONE BOLD COLOR?”

punk 1But then there was punk. It was of the people – and not just any people: Low-brows. Anarchists. Iconoclasts.

It bucked the establishment. It threw postmodern art, ‘60s garage rock (and beyond), and every strain of youth culture – no matter how disparate – together in a gloriously chaotic mix. It was everything fashion snobs should have hated.

And yet, it not only found its way into high fashion – it rocked its socks off. It proved that with a good eye, a strong point of view, and a ton of creativity, anyone could make a fabulous fashion statement.

Even if you’re not much of a punk person, are there some punk principles that ring true in every style situation.

·      The First Rule of Punk: There Are No Rules … Okay, some rules exist for a reason. But if you’re experimenting with your look, you’re bound to bend (or break) a few rules along the line – you just have to know when. Feel like mixing 60s and 80s styles? Give it a shot. So you’re a lady, but you love that cuff in the men’s section? Flaunt it anyway.

ER1004_RAMONES·      Do It Yourself … You don’t need thousand-dollar diamonds to be fabulous. Sometimes, all you need are some studs, a few chains, and recycled materials like padlocks and old subway tokens. The more unorthodox, the better.

·      Get Loud … Don’t be afraid to make a strong statement. Be energetic, be bold, be tough, and be a free spirit.

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