Summer Accessory Statement: Body Chains

We love summer. It’s the only time we can bust out the sandals, the bikinis...and that stunning body jewelry.

We love necklaces. Really, we do. We love those chunky chokers when we feel like going strapless. We love those magnificent pendants and long, winding beads that so fabulously fill out our collars. But sometimes, we’re just in the mood for something different—especially when the weather heats up and we feel more like shedding accessories than piling extra on.

Enter the body chain. Check out our new collection of strikingly chic body chains - then check back next week for more summer statements!Bdy Chain Collage

Hear that? Summer’s calling. Break out the sandals, the crop tops, the flowy skirts and cheeky shorts, the bikinis … and the body chains, too!

From simple tees to sundresses, body chains are fantastic for spicing up light, slight summer attire. Click here to rock this on-trend body jewelry!


They’re edgy, yet chic. They’re light and cool. They can be slight and subtle, perfect for adding that finishing touch of shimmer to a simple outfit, or they can drape in luxe multi-strand layers for an intense diva experience. And they’re the perfect accessory for any summer scene.

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