Say Bye Bye to Manchas! With @OlayUS

Until now, it was commonly assumed that uneven skin tone was mainly caused by pigment production or melanogenesis. Latinas, we know these dark spots as ‘manchas.’

Breaking ground with new genomics research, the Olay Professional Alliance demonstrates that only 7% of the gene expressions disrupted in spotted skin were directly associated with the melanogenesis pathway. Four additional molecular pathways were identified as being associated with root causes of uneven skin tone. These causes include UV exposure, lack of hydration, discoloration, weak moisture barrier and surface free radicals. To effectively address and correct the look of uneven skin tone, it is essential for products that address skin tone appearance to contain multiple ingredients that target all five of these root causes.

Join me LeAura Luciano, Olay, Evette Rios, Silvia Martinez and Astrid Rivera talk beauty and our plans to say #ByeByeManchas this summer!

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