Plan Your Travel Easily with OneNote

In collaboration with Travel + Leisure, Microsoft has also created a NEW special-edition OneNote notebook to make travel planning easier and more fun. This customizable OneNote notebook is packed with expert advice from the editors of Travel+ Leisure, activities and foods to try, handy packing lists for all kinds of weather and more; all you have to do is plug and PLAY.


If you already have Office 365 Home Premium, you can download the template instantly and have access to additional helpful OneNote templates today.

Here are 5 Tips for Travel with Office 365 Home Premium and OneNote:

· Reference Your Notes: Once all your research and planning details are in OneNote, it’s easy to recall a particular detail at any given moment. Use Instant Search in the bar on the top right to recall anything you’ve ever put in OneNote.

· Turn Online Research into Plans: Clip and save information from the web with the "Send to OneNote" tool. As you make reservations, clip screenshots and send web pages or entire documents directly to sections of your notebook, no printer needed! You can also scan intoOneNote critical information that you might need on your trip, such as passports, medication labels or immunization records. This will ensure they are available even if the originals are lost or stolen.

· Move With Your Notes On-the-Go: Save your notebook to SkyDrive, and access it on your mobile phone or in the browser with theOneNote Web App. Once in the cloud, you'll be able to access your information across your favorite devices — including your Windows PC, tablet, or Windows Phone. Windows 8 tablets are the perfect travel companion for travelers to check their plans and itineraries from wherever they are. There are plenty of Windows 8 PCs to choose from to make sure you’re getting the one that works for you.

· Let Excel & OneNote Work Together for You: With OneNote 2013, you can create and import an Excel vacation budget spreadsheet right into your notebook. What’s better is that when you edit that spreadsheet in OneNote, it will update the original Excel spreadsheet at the same time.  It also supports formatting for data sorting, cell shading and header rows within table cells so you can make your information both beautiful and functional.

· Collaborate with Family & Friends via SkyDrive: Give your friends and family access to your travel notebook on SkyDrive so they can add their own travel tips or advise, and keep track of your itinerary. You can even see where others make changes and revisions throughout your notebook with OneNote 2013 identity profiles. Each authors' initials are marked next to their work for better collaboration!

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