Paulina Rubio's Skincare Secrets

74953619EM036_Paulina_RubioWe were so excited when we heard that Paulina has just been named a new judge on X Factor! We’ve seen her in concert and love her out there looks.

paulina rubio 311009We asked her makeup artist, Jennifer Daranyi, to share Paulina’s top beauty products:

“As Paulina Rubio's personal makeup artist for X Factor Season 3, it's important to keep Paulina's lips moisturized during our all day audition segments. To obtain chic shine & moisture all day long, we turn to Murad's Soothing Skin and Lip Care. When applied on top of lipstick, her lips stay camera ready for hours on end with little to no need for touch ups. Rubio turned in her old pocket chapsticks in exchange for Murad's products - she's hooked!

In addition, I enjoy using Murad products on Paulina's skin for their effective results. The Skin Perfecting Lotion is a perfect primer before applying her base coat. I follow with Oil-Control Mattifier SPF 15. Being on camera & under the bright lights, it's crucial to treat the skin appropriately prior to makeup application. Murad's products help in keeping Paulina's skin looking and feeling flawless & smooth.”

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