Vegan Fashion: Backstage at the Vaute Couture Fashion Show #fashionlovesanimals

2013_05-04_Fashion_Loves_Animals_463_CREDIT_Farm_SanctuaryDlM_UHrTjUWClqYsS3er4Q9fEYw-enq3zrI3rhXmp94Recently, I was invited to check out a vegan fashion show. The Body Shop had a fun “Fashion Loves Animals” cruelty free event w/ Farm Sanctuary, where they created all the runway makeup looks, using 100% all vegan makeup! The show honored Vaute Couture president and Creative Director, Leanne Mai-ly Hilgart, who made history this year with the FIRST-ALL VEGAN label to show at NY Fashion Week this past February.
2013_05-04_Fashion_Loves_Animals_IMG_4983_CREDIT_Max_Gordon_PhotographyWhat does this mean? Vaute Couture is commitmed to using sustainable materials in their line/being vegan & Cruelty-Free.

Vaute Couture only exists to push the industry forward in animal free and sustainable fashion, by creating new fabrics and apparel that are better than wearing animals every could be! Everything is 100% vegan, and cutting edge, like recycled closed loop zero waste vegan satin, organic velvet, recycled Thinsulate as a down alternative, and waxed canvas instead of leather. We want you to know that it's empowering to choose how you interact with the world as an active participant instead of a silent supporter of larger industries and societal norms.
2013_05-04_Fashion_Loves_Animals_IMG_4975_CREDIT_Max_Gordon_PhotographyI got a backstage look at the inspiration for Vaute Couture show.
The show was inspired by Sailor Moon- an earth girl who upon saving a cat from being abused on the streets, is given her magical powers and turned into her super self- Sailor Moon! Everyone has a super version inside themselves, that comes alive when they serve. The beauty look is a mix between earth girl tomboy and a magical super version of her, so you'll see stars over thick brows, pink cheeks, and beautiful shimmery skin.

Here is How To Get the Look:

OH DEER! BLUSH SHIMMER PALETTE BY LEONA LEWIS (no bug shells in these palettes!)

Cruelty free makeup brushes (use only synthetic)

Love Gloss (in Natural Shade)

Extra Virgin Minerals foundation

The Body Shop Vitamin E Face Mist - to set makeup
The Body Clover pink lip liner
i_LxeyIMyqZl_gLaMvl5KMSYDwZ5UICCTmkweexXkjY2013_05-04_Fashion_Loves_Animals_IMG_4991_CREDIT_Max_Gordon_PhotographyThe Body Shop brow and eye definer kit
The Body Shop Extra Virgin Minerals liquid foundation and Compact
The Body Shop white eye definer--to brighten eyes


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