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HelloFresh Box 2

Food delivery services are supposed to make our busy lives easier. In recent years, I have found some of these meal programs to be too expensive (I might as well eat at a restaurant, or hire a catering service); too restrictive (with teeny-tiny portions); or just plain limited (no vegetarian options).
HelloFreshEnter HelloFresh, a new way to cook. Every week, you can pick the delicious recipes you want to try (except for under the veggie meal plan) and they send you amazing recipes and all of the ingredients you need to prepare them. Simply put, they take care of your meal planning and do the shopping for you. Forget fast food and frozen processed foods instead make delicious home-cooked meals using fresh ingredients.

HelloFresh1On to the meals…The boxes contain 3 meals and you can select meal servings for 2, 4 or 6 people. The Classic Box (containing meaut & fish), starts at $69 and the Veggie Box starts at $59 for 3 meals.
As a vegetarian, I opted for the ‘Veggie Box.’ While there were no meal selections available that was fine for me, as I enjoy trying new veggie meals.
The beauty of the service is not just the convenience. Yes, the ingredients are delivered to your door and the recipes that are easy to prepare in under 30 minutes, typically using just one pot and one pan. Also, the ingredients are pre-measured so you don’t over-buy or have to worry about fresh produce going to waste.
HelloFresh2Perhaps, that’s just single person problems but when I look at my favorite cookbooks the recipes call for ingredients for 3-4 people. If you’ve every just tried to 1/2 a recipe you already know it doesn’t always quite work out so well.
This is a big selling point of HelloFresh for me, the elimination of waste. Additionally, the packaging is minimal for the amount of produce and ingredients in the delivery.
The recipes are created by world-class chefs and you don’t need fancy kitchen equipment. The ingredients are laid out as step-by-step photo instructions. The one gripe I had was with the detail in one of the recipes, but this is coming from someone for whom boiling water is cooking.
Overall, the recipes were easy to follow along. The variety of meals I created spanned the culinary spectrum and I was introduced to new recipes.
To recap:
1. HelloFresh creates amazing recipes
2. You chose the recipes (excludes Vegetarian)
3. They go shopping for you
4. It gets delivered to you door.
Also, its important to note that you need to order before midnight on Thursday to get your first box by the next week. For more information about the HelloFresh plans click here.
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