Celebrating Baby Bumps…& Accessories

Baby Bump

Inspired by Mother’s Day, this week we decided to put a spin on two of our favorite pastimes – finding creative ways to style fashion and Chic Kitsy Lane looks and stalking (wait, did we say stalking? We meant … um … following) celebrities. The result? We’ve had a ton of fun pairing famous moms-to-be with our favorite accessories …

·      Expect Elegance … Look up taste in the dictionary, and you may actually find a picture of Kate Middleton. The Duchess of Cambridge and wife of Britain’s Prince William exudes absolute elegance as only royalty can. For her, only the height of Chic would do.

·      That Glamorous Glow … Much like Halle Berry, these sophisticated yet radiant looks are sure to take the world by storm with their Hollywood glamour. Also inspired by Ivanka Trump, Kristen Bell,and Penelope Cruz.

·      Bold, Baby / Popping with Personality… Trendy, flirtatious, and utterly bold, Kim Kardashian proves you can still rule the style scene in a baby bump – and so do these jewels. Also inspired by Jessica Simpson and Fergie (no, we will not make a “my bump” joke – everyone else has already made it).

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