Angelina Jolie's Double Mastectomy: Let’s Talk Reconstruction

Angelina-JolieAngelina Jolie, know for outspoken personality, revealed in a New York Times Op-Ed piece today that she has undergone a preventative double mastectomy. This prompted a conversation on reconstructive surgery.

We spoke with Nouveau Contour Permanent Makeup's Terri L. Folker, C.P.C.P. who shared info on reconstructive options. “If you have breast reconstruction after a mastectomy, you may have been left without areolae or sometimes nipples. Alternatively, it may be that you have naturally pale or faded areolae, or you may have been left with uneven, asymmetrical, misplaced or discoloured areaole following surgery.”

intelligentIn all of these cases, medical tattooing from Nouveau Contour can can be used to create stunning and realistic looking reconstructions. As the first computerized permanent cosmetics device with an Intel microprocessor "chip", Nouveau Contour's Intelligent was designed to distinguish between the varying areas of application. Software installed in the central processing unit, the operating system of the Intelligent, consistently calculates the best needle frequency (speed) needed to achieve optimal pigment retention. Skin structure varies according to the location, because the structure and tolerance of the skin is different for each area of application.

For example:  For areola pigmentation, the skin structure is very dense compared to that of an eye lid, which is very thin and supple. When set on "Medical"  the Intelligent will provide a more efficient  way to deposit pigment in those areas, by automatically increasing the  power to the handpiece and by adjusting the needle frequency.

Nouveau Contour Permanent Makeup will:

  • Replicate the appearance of realistic looking areolae and even create the illusion of nipple protrusion.
  • Reposition, recolour or reshape the overall appearance of nipples and areolae.
  • Reduce the appearance of radiotherapy marks.
  • Diffuse scarring from mastectomies, breast uplifts / reductions and other types of breast surgery.

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