Accessory Trends: Go Animal

Walk on the Wild SideFashion was born in the natural world. For as long as we can remember, we’ve worn furs, feathers, fangs, claws, and other animal motifs to make a powerful statement,  both socially and spiritually.

Today, we figured we’d look at some of the biggest trends to feature fauna, from ancient accessories to modern runways. Was your favorite critter ever a style icon?

Egypt, 3000 – 332 BCE: As they found the divine in all things animal, we’re not sure the ancient Egyptians ever put an outfit together without throwing in a little creature feature – from outstretched wings to feathered headdresses to the vulture and cobra insignia on the Pharaoh’s Hedjet crown.

Central America, 250 CE – Today: Mayans and other Central Americans were almost as obsessed with animal themes as the Egyptians, creating complex and vibrant designs with deer, monkeys, jaguars, eagles, snakes, and even squirrels. You can still find their patterns in textiles woven today.

116281954: Pinup girl Bettie Page showed she was one cool cat in a self-designed leopard print bikini. Since then, we’ve loved leopard print for almost every reason imaginable – it’s luxe, it’s exotic, it’s punk, it’s adventurous, it’s sexy, it’s primal, it’s dangerous…

And speaking of 1954, dare we mention the debut of the Playboy Bunny? According to LOOK Magazine’s Oriana Fallaci, founder Hugh Hefner picked the rabbit logo because “it's a fresh animal, shy, vivacious, jumping – sexy.”

(2008-Now): Designers love bringing the big cat to the catwalk, and big names like Betsey Johnson and Dolce & Gabbana have really rocked those leopard and tiger prints in the last few years. Though if you’re not a kitty person, you could always find your animal spirit in zebra stripes and snake motifs from Roberto Cavalli or foxy fashion from Jean-Paul Gautier.

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