Enterprising Women: The Tatatoos Story

The story behind ta*ta*toos starts with Michelle and Jodi’s friendship - - working together as sales professionals for more than 12 years. Starting out, they each had different strengths; Jodi, with her super creative ideas and Michelle with a knack for making things work. What they shared was the drive to one day call a business their own. Combining their talents, Jodi and Michelle founded the company in 2009.


Brainstorming options including a pet water brand named after a luxury champagne company, Michelle and Jodi finalized their concept of temporary tattoos for women who want to get significant sentiments off of their chests. From there, they contacted a patent office, manufacturers and packaging companies. After conducting product testing, market testing and retailer outreach, Michelle and Jodi launched their brand due to the overwhelmingly positive feedback.

To date, ta*ta*toos has sold hundreds of thousands of tattoos and continues to have great success with their project. Visit for more info.

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