3 Ways to Wear That Diamond Dazzle

diamondsIf you’re an Aries, you’re a bright, flashy spirit with a taste for simple excitement. If you’re a Taurus, you’re all about effortless, easy class and basking in traditional luxury.

But different as they are, these personalities share one April birthstone: that simplest and most luxurious of gems, the Diamond. And while the two may go together like oil and water, diamonds (and clear, simple stones like them) can be either girl’s best fashion friend. Looking to tune these classic stones to your own taste? Here’s a few ways you can shine:

1.     Bright as a Star … Just as the brightest stars can be seen from hundreds of light-years away, these brilliant Swarovski crystals, chunky bangles, and cascading earrings will set you apart from a crowd of hundreds. Styles like these make for the quintessential diva – the perfect look for an intense, self-assured Aries.

2.     Cool as Ice … This barely-there look may be understated, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t luxe. Exude a quiet yet cool confidence in crisp cuts set in clean silver lines and classic gold. They’re well-suited for that famous Taurean work ethic – with their polish and flawless taste, they add just the right touch to a professional ensemble.

3.     Sweet as Sugar … Okay, let’s say you don’t hold to this star sign silliness – you just want to look pretty. That’s simple enough. Show your flirty, feminine side with whispers of cz’s, tiny stone snowflakes, touches of pink, and pops of red.