Would you Text your STD Results?

One website is helping people show their “true colors” – will send anyone an online report of your STD status, as long as you authorize it. 

112This act of candidness is the opposite of Catfishing – using fake identities online. Catfishing is increasing daily with recent examples being the Christian Mingle alleged date rape and the Notre Dame Athlete.  Catfishing is so common that even an MTV show is dedicated to it. Both are examples that highlight the scary side of online dating or chatting, an activity that over 45 million singles are enjoying. That number is predicted to keep growing with new apps and sites appearing daily. What can women and men do to protect themselves?

111Below are five tips to protect yourself offered by Ramin Bastani, creator of, an online technology for anyone who wants to obtain, securely store and privately share their STD results.  “The reality is that these technologies aren’t going away and people will continue to use them. The days of meeting in a bar are virtually over.  But, it’s essential to protect yourself when you decide to take the relationship to the next level,” said Bastani.

1. Google your Dating interest
2. Look for social proof (e.g. Check their Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest)
3. Skype before going on the first date.
4. Use and ask them to do so too.  Will let you know they are serious about their health and they have been verified.
5. Trust your gut.