National Absinthe Day Beauty

Absinthe, the mythical, highly coveted drink famous for its stimulating and exhilarating qualities, long unavailable in the United States, makes its debut in The Body Shop Absinthe Hand range. Yes, you heard right – Absinthe in a hand cream! And, coincidentally, the launch comes right before “National Absinthe Day” celebrated on Tuesday, March 5th.

B29BA3A8-3170-4F18-B016-F75C2256CC89The Body Shop Absinthe Purifying Hand Care range is infused with refreshing botanical, soothing and moisturizing ingredients. The most intriguing element of this new line is absinthe extract, often called wormwood and named for the shrub from which it is distilled. When used in an alcoholic beverage, absinthe gives the drink a distinctive emerald color and taste.

When used in The Body Shop's products the result is a mesmerizing and odor-fighting fragrance that leaves the hands smelling as good as they feel.

All products in the range are triclosan–free and are suitable for all skin types, so everyone can become entranced by the purifying feel of absinthe.

If this isn’t enough reason to love the Absinthe Purifying Hand Care range, it also contains Community Fair Trade shea butter from Ghana. Women hand-harvest shea nuts, dry them in the sun and crack them to extract the kernels. These are then roasted and ground into a paste to make the butter. The Body Shop trade with the Tungteiya Women’s Shea Butter Association has funded three medical centers and 10 nursery schools, so what is not to love?


For the spirited, A Taste of Heaven Candle, $85, lives up to its name. Created by Kilian Hennessy, heir to the Hennessy cognac family, the notes of absinthe verte juxtapose the freshness of lavender from southern France with the warmth of Bourbon vanilla. Revel in the sensory heights of green absinthe, nectar, and musk of poets whose bittersweet nature embraces complete olfactory harmony.

Known as the green fairy or l’atroce sorcière, absinthe has long captured the imagination with its seductive air of danger. Enter L'Artisan Parfumeur Fou D'Absinthe, $165. This vivacious scent combines the intoxicating aroma of absinthe and warm woods. The perfume is comprised of absinthe, four-spices alcohol, patchouli and pine needles. 

Absinthe lovers have a reason to celebrate their excitement of absinthe in another form: Estée Lauder Absinthe, $20. The famed beauty line carries a chic green nail polish, appropriately named, Absinthe. The polish is super glossy, fast-drying, and doesn't chip.