Have You Seen @TheHostfilm Yet?

I had a chance to interview the cast of The Host and got some good insider info!

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Here are some more Q&A’s with the cast including their thoughts on the actors to pay their roles if the film were to be recast what Latino actors. 

Stephanie Meyer

jake-abel-stephanie-meyer-and-max-irons_originalI learned that Stephanie Meyer is currently writing a follow up to the highly anticipated new film.

Meyer also confirmed our hunch about Melanie being Latina, she is! In the book, The Host, Melanie is described as having hazel eyes, dark hair and tan skin. “The character for me in the book is actually half Latina, it’s not something that ever gets described. It’s how I always pictured her. Melanie’s mother, Linda, is from Arizona and is Latina,” divulges Meyer.

p2Diane Kruger 

Diane Kruger plays the Seeker, a Soul who tracks humans and inserts other Souls into their bodies. Played by Diane Kruger, this particular Seeker is a bit of an anomaly, tormented and driven, she becomes obsessed with unlocking Melanie’s memories and discovering the whereabouts of her surviving loved ones.

Q: What drew you to this role?

A: I’ve wanted to be in a sci-fi movie forever because those characters are larger than life and you can just run wild. I was a huge fan of Gattaca (also directed by Andrew Niccol), so working with Andrew was a big draw. I love his aesthetic. The movie looks really cool, sleek and modern. And his love for detail is impressive. He’s the kind of director who will move a glass an inch further to the left because he just knows it will look better there.

Q: What are your other favorite Sci-Fi Films & Shows?

A: I love Star Wars and Star Trek and the TV show “V” it’s so creepy! One year, I attended Comic-Con and geeked out! I walked around dressed as Darth Vader, hung out and posed for photos and no one knew who I was.

Recast: Zoe Saldana

Saoirse Ronan

p3Young Irish actress Saoirse Ronan plays the title role, well really roles: Melanie-Wanda, a character with one body and two voices.

Q: What drew you this project?

A: I was very intrigued by the story, as well as the idea of working with Andrew Niccol. Every project he’s involved in seems to have a mind-blowing concept behind it. And of course I was excited about working with Stephenie [Meyer]. She was on set almost all of the time and involved with everything.

Q: How did you feel about playing two distinct characters? How did you try to make each character different?

A: I was really excited by the idea of playing two characters in one film. It’s an actor’s dream. I always find the walk for each character to be very important. Wanda’s very delicate. She almost floats, whereas Melanie is tough and feisty. I tried to bring that out in the way they hold themselves and even small things like hand gestures.

Q: People will draw comparisons to the loves story in Twilight, what are your thoughts?

A: It’s a different kind of story for Stephenie [Meyer]. It’s not a love triangle exactly—it’s more a love square because there are four people involved, two in the same body. They’re both in love with different people, which makes it complicated.


As Melanie, Michelle Rodriguez because she’s super tough. I’m not sure about Wanda though.

Max Irons and Jake Abel

Humanity as we know it has been wiped out. Max Irons’ character, Jared, faces several almost insurmountable obstacles. Jake Abel’s character, Ian, distrusts Wanda immediately and would be happy to dispatch the Soul quickly and quietly.

Q: What are some of the obstacles facing your characters?

tumblr_mkdyb3aE6U1s5lbcuo1_500Max Irons: Well, he (Jared) has that enormous truth to deal with, as well as knowing that the love of his life, Melanie, has become a Soul. To him, she is dead. When Wanda suddenly appears, it is like a ghost returns. Despite the fact that she’s a Soul, it still looks like the girl he loves. Logic goes out of the window and he is operating on gut and instinct and confusion.

p4Jake Abel: Simply put, Ian wants her dead. Instead he finds himself falling in love with his mortal enemy. But Wanda has to go. She’s a risk to our security and our livelihood. But the more he gets to know her, the more he sees that she’s more human than humans are. Her generosity, her love and her kindness make Ian fall for her. The idea of an interspecies love affair was fun to explore.


Jake Abel said for the role of Ian: Gael García Bernal

Max Irons joked Sofia Vergara to play Jared but we could see Diego Luna in this role.