5 Tips To Stave Off Spring Allergies

hc_allergies_landing_basicsAs the dark days of winter come to an end, we all embrace the new beginnings & beautiful weather of springtime. That is, until our nose starts running, we start sneezing and all we can see through our watery eyes is pollen.

This Spring, which starts today, March 21st, don't become a victim to season allergies. Follow these simple and effective tips from America's Allergist, Dr. Clifford Bassett to be pollen-aware and help mitigate and reduce the pesky symptoms of springtime allergies:

1. Take your prescribed allergy medications before going outside.
2. Start them early to prevent symptoms (of course get tested by an allergist so you can have an "individual game plan" in place).
3. Watch fresh fruits, vegetables and nuts that may worsen seasonal allergies including hazelnut, almond, carrot, apple, pear, cherry and stone fruits to name a few.
4. Got a hat? Avoid hair gel/paste that acts like a "pollen magnet" and/or gently irrigating your eyelids when washing can help rid them of pollens and pollutants.
5. Wear sunglasses to help prevent windborne pollens from causing itchy and watery eyes.

For more tips visit Dr. Clifford Bassett's weekly blog at For his twitter go to: @allergyreliefny.