@Rolando_Santana Fall/Winter 2013 Collection


Growing up in Cuernavaca, Mexico, Rolando Santana spent his early year watching his mother run a small dressmaking business from their home. He recalls, “at that time, little did I realize, that her sewing room would serve as the inspiration for my love of fashion, and nurture my dream to become a designer.” At about the age of 13, he began to spend all his time in her production factory, learning the art of pattern-making, construction and sewing. Driven by his passion to become a designer, in 1991 Santana moved to NY to follow his design dreams. After receiving degrees in International Business at Mercy College and Fashion Design at FIT, he landed his first job as an assistant designer at Spenser Jeremy was promoted to dress designer. In 2005, he was hired as creative director for Donna Morgan, and in 2006 he was hired as vice president of design with Kellwood Company’s Designer Alliance, where he launched the Democracy contemporary dress collection. In 2009, Santana decided to create his own collection. Today, Santana designs ready-to-wear for with the primary purpose of always making all women feel beautiful in his collection.

Here is more of my coverage on Fox News Latino.

DSC_0579I felt so connected to this collection. I could see myself in almost every piece. From attending meetings and running around town looking polished and perfectly put together with a few simple pieces without looking like I spent too much time assembling an outfit. This lace number (pictured here) was chic and super sexy. Santana’s woman is both business and pleasure.

During the show were lots of smiles across the runway and affirming nods indicating what we would wear (just look at the women in the audience of the photos). During the show, I saw things I already have in my closet, an LBD, and things I do not, leather Bermuda shorts. I loved seeing leather Bermuda shorts,   Other standouts were tweed pieces infused with metallic threads, luxurious furs and sexy lace looks.  

My favorite looks from Rolando Santana’s Fall/Winter 2013 Show included the luxurious lambskin “Lagunilla” clutches, “Joy” black suede pumps featured with almost every look, “Careen” belts that cinched in the waist. 


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