President’s Day Beauty


While you make sure to take some time to remember those who founded our country this President’s Day, we also wanted to make sure you have a bit of fun by really getting in the P-Day mindset.

Check out this roundup of presidential and first-lady favorites as well as items to help you get in the American spirit this President’s Day.

You may never wield executive powers, but you can at least sorta smell like the guy who does with the Presidential Soap Collection from Caswell-Massey. The around-since-forever American apothecary has boxed three of its soaps that once graced the showers of George Washington, Dwight Eisenhower, and John F. Kennedy. So whether you're feeling the Almond Cold Cream (Eisenhower's favorite), Number Six (Washington's pick), or Jockey Club (Kennedy's bar), each 5.8 oz soap will leave you feeling positively presidential. Price: $28, Available at


Ever since George Washington selected Number Six as his favorite fragrance, Caswell-Massey has been preferred by men of stature. Did you know he gifted this fragrance to Marquis de Lafayette? The Number Six fragrance has been a world-renowned favorite since its introduction in 1752. The blend includes a mélange of citrus touched with bergamot, orange blossoms, rosemary, narcissus and 27 additional aromatics. It is the choice of the man who, like our first president, George Washington, embodies the indomitable spirit of our American heritage. Price: $36, Available at


The brand’s most popular soap, chosen by the Eisenhowers for the White House. Each triple-milled cake builds to a rich, fragrant lather in even the hardest water. The cold cream base bursts into a creamy lather, nurturing the skin as it gently and thoroughly cleanses. Price: $22, Available at


Former First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy defined elegance back in the early 60s—with her fashion sense and classic beauty, she still stands out as America’s iconic First Lady. Jackie O was a huge fan of Erno Laszlo – even bringing her daughter to see Dr. Laszlo when she was just seven years old. One of Jackie O’s favorite products, Laszlo's “black soap,” is still a best seller today. Cleaning deeply without stripping the skin’s natural oils, this bar is 97% natural and infused with essential minerals from the Dead Sea, leaving skin glowing by gently exfoliating, refining and softening skin texture. Price: $39, available at Nordstrom, Erno Laszlo Institute and


It’s a star-spangled scent. Get into the American spirit with this scent that embodies a classic neighborhood. Nuits de Noho isa new kind of nighttime femininity: Irreverent, unapologetic and favors a shotof icy vodka (what American doesn’t love that?). A contemporary fruity-floral gourmand skin-scent that’s the ultimate in sexy avant-garde urbanity. Price: $170 (50mL); $245 (100mL), Available at Bond No. 9’s five New York stores, Saks Fifth Avenue, select Nordstrom stores and


Get the perfect shades of nail polish to get you in the President’s Day spirit – create any combination of patriotic designs with these spot-on colors.Founded in 1999 by Thea Green, nails inc is a fashion-forward nail brand with a bestselling, highly sought after product range. The line contains professionally formulated color with an exceptionally glossy, long lasting finish. Use St. James, Baker Street and Floral Street to get you in the revolutionary spirit. Price: $9.50 each. Available at Sephora and on