Autos & Apps: Ford's 'Motor Me'

We're all out of adjectives on this one.
The high-performance Focus ST is just that good. But don't just take our word for it:
Watch drivers Tanner Foust, Ken Block and Chrissie Beavis put the ST to the test.

Ford Social has spent the last few years asking you to share your car’s stories with us. Now, we’d like to give your car a chance to tell its own story… in its own voice!
You can do just that using Motor Me, a new free app available now for smartphones using either iPhone or Android operating systems. Motor Me lets you record yourself and then have a Ford vehicle that you choose say whatever is on your mind.
Imagine what this truck wants to say about being converted to run on vegetable oil, or what this proud family of Ford vehicles talks about when the garage door closes. The only limit is your creativity, and we already know that you have a lot of that!
When you put together a masterpiece on the Motor Me app, you can easily share it with your friends on Facebook or through email. You can also store it on your phone to show off in person.
Download the app and enjoy this free goody from your friends at Ford Social! We can’t wait to see what you come up with.