Share it & Win! Your Cold & Flu Season Remedies

When a loved one is sick, even the smallest gesture can remind them that they are cared for. Recently Kleenex gave consumers the opportunity to show someone they love that they care with a Kleenex Brand Care Pack.
Chock full of creature comforts and other goodies like slim pack, lip balm, hand sanitizer, coupons, Kleenex Hand Towels and Kleenex Car Wedge. Did you know in the U.S., more than 62 million cases of the common cold are reported each year? On average 5% to 20% of the population gets the flu and more than 200,000 people are hospitalized from flu-related complications. 

During the cold and flu season, everyone could use a but of comfort, and a small gesture can make a big difference. Who doesn’t want a bowl of homemade Asopao de Pollo or a box of soft Kleenex tissue nearby when they’re not feeling well? Did your abuelita do something special for you when you were sick? Do you have a special home remedy you love to use? Does a soft tissue make all the difference? 

My parents were not the traditional in the sense of recipes and remedies. I grew up on homeopathic remedies that involves cold lemongrass baths to break a fever, which put me off lemongrass for years. 

Now when I care for a sick loved one I try to help them get as much rest as possible. I also insist on lots of fluids and tissues for my patients.

Your turn! What you do at home to help a loved one feel better?
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